• 2021-04-12
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  • by Živilė Putnienė
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For three summer days, Klaipeda will become a home for “The Tall Ships Races Klaipėda 2021” sailboats. On June  27th-30th, the world‘s most exquisite sailboats will come back here and invite thirty young people of Klaipeda to become sailing trainees and experience an extraordinary adventure. The cadet selection will be mandatory for every port participating in the races, thus ensuring the transfer of the sailing experience to youngsters.

We invite 15-25 year old people not afraid of the ocean to SIGN UP and BECOME SAILING TRAINEES. You will find the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdI_zjmgFngyDv9ucB8xSohieRPIsVJBSZYQXHpIKAanz4ywA/viewform

One of the most important “The Tall Ships Races” organizers – “Sail Training International”, and participating sailboats’ goals – to transfer the sailing experience to youngsters and cherish maritime culture.

“The nurturing of maritime culture and the dissemination of sailing experience is a part of every maritime city‘s vision and mission. The most effective way to guarantee the further welfare of maritime traditions is the inclusion of young people into them. To experience, to feel, to discover, to hear, to learn – this is the type of unique experience that every sailing trainee will get, who, perhaps, will meet the ocean for the first time at the end of June. I truly believe that an adolescent who has faced the sea, its power and chalenges, is forever bound to it,“ says “The Tall Ships Races Klaipėda” Project Manager Violeta Ulevičienė.

Sailing trainees are welcome
For those ready to face the challenges of the sea and wishing to get some unforgettable experience, sailboats and the event organizer, who promote young people‘s education at sea, invite 15-25 year olds to learn to sail and become members of international crews. No previous sailing experience needed.

Out of all forms, the committee will pick out 30 juvenilles, for whom the trip from Klaipeda to Turku by sailboat (training, accommodation and meals in the saiboat, sport events, tours, crew night at the finish city and trip back to Klaipeda by bus) will be paid for by the organizers. Usually, 24 hours in a sailboat for a trainee costs about 100-150 Euros.

The committee, which will be evaluating the forms and motivational letters, will be comprised of five people: one Klaipeda city municipality representative, one PE “Klaipėdos šventės” event coordinator‘s representative, a cadet selection specialist, the captain and an independent expert. The motivational letter plays a big part in the evaluation process. The letter, which has to be no more than 15 sentences, has to prove the adolescent‘s determination and wish to get to know the marine world. Filled forms can be sent until May 1st.

On board only with a negative test result
Safety and difficult problem solving is an important aspect of the preparation for “The Tall Ships Races 2021”. The international races, where ships from typically twenty countries compete, have to ensure the safety according to every participating country‘s epidemical situation and the provisions regarding it. The current situation has even settled new terminology – a ship in now named a “safe bubble”, where the crew is made up only of people with negative test results, which is why the upcoming cadets will have to get tested for Covid and get a negative result before going on board.

Currently, 44 ships from 14 different countries are signed up for Klaipeda – the starting port –, but according to calculations, about 60 ships will be visiting Klaipeda, 10-12 of which are A class.

Please submit filled forms by May 1st, 2021. For more information, please contact ilona@seafestival.lt